We have expensive enterprise servers to stop lag dead in its tracks and to hold tons more people without lag while we grow our community. We now have thousands of active players and hold a great number of online players all day long thanks to our great international community. We peak over 250 players and continue to grow!
Please remember, it’s not only about the server expenses which does put a great dent in my wallet and I do need the help covering the costs, I also run this server for free with my own spare time and money, and it also can be very tiring and stressful.
But I still do it because I love this community, the servers, and all the fun memories we’ve made. If you have enjoyed your stay please help support the community!

I can’t wait for what lies ahead for us.
Thank you very much for your support and to all the staff on the server,
I couldn't and can’t do this without you!

All VIPs have the same perks, the length of time and title that you have the perks is what you are purchasing.
Silver VIP has this title of color gray and lasts for 60 days.

Gold VIP has this title of color gold and lasts for 180 days.

Platinum VIP has this title of color white and lasts FOREVER.

Top Contributor has this title of color purple and lasts as long as you are the Top Contributor. When someone one ups you as Top Contributor you will return to Platinum VIP.


If you upgrade your VIP BEFORE your VIP expires. You will only pay the difference, instead of the full price to upgrade your VIP! 

EXAMPLE: You have Silver VIP, it is 10$. Gold VIP is 25$, if you upgrade to Gold VIP it will only cost 15$ as long as you are still Silver VIP! The same applies to Platinum VIP i.e it will cost 40$ instead of 50$. 

But! If your VIP expires, you no longer qualify for the discount! Make sure you keep track of your expiry date and upgrade before then if you plan to upgrade.

Request a Private Channel (Limit 1)
You may use the following on all servers:

/seen -- Check when a friend or player was last online
/hat -- wear any block.
Colored, Formatted, and Special Symbol Names.
/nick -- set a nickname for yourself, do not impersonate others
/kittycannon -- fire an explosive kitty (no damage, only cosmetic)


If you need assistance please contact or message Schuttle on our forum @ (preferred).